UK Cities Not To Be Missed


We will be expanding on this particular topic in more detail in a future post. (Apart from item ten) Until then, in no particular order;

1.  London – Why spend thousands of pounds visiting art  and artifacts of the world, when you can view a vast collection of them in one city here, for free. (Btw, all the items should be sent back to the countries of origin, imoho)

For something a bit different to the state funded museums, Sir John Soanes Museum  packs so much into a three story terrace house.


2. Edinburgh – One of the best cities in Europe, never mind the UK.  The Fringe Festival and The Edinburgh Tattoo in August, caters for those who need entertaining day & night, and love huge crowds of people.

Calton Hill


3. Bath – We have a friend who lives near this former Roman City, so we are a bit biased. The lovely honey colour stone used in virtually every building is a delight. The Christmas market is one of the most popular in the UK, and very good it is too.


4. York – The city walls that extend for 3.4 Km or 2.1 miles are a nice walk for a couple of hours, and are free.


The shambles and the ‘snickleways’ are also unmissable.

5. Durham – An under-rated city, which probably suffers from it’s proximity to York .

Durham Castle – (kindly posted by Neitram, on Wikimedia Commons)


6. Chester – Another city with extensive walls, and ‘The Rows’. A 13th century double galleried black and white timbered shopping street.


photo above by permission of Neil Kennedy – original use here;

7. Brighton & Hove – A city for just 14 years, but with many attractions other than the seaside location. Including, The Royal Pavilion, Palace Pier, the Lanes shops and the Worlds oldest electric railway. A stroll around the various examples of Regency architecture is very pleasant.

Royal Pavilion;


8. Oxford  – The colleges are the stars in this city of ‘dreaming spires’. Hire a punt on the Thames, and just imagine how many Prime Ministers and powerful captains of industry have been educated here.

Radcliffe Camera;


9.  Cambridge – is just as a good a scholarly destination as Oxford. And more messing about on the river in punts too.

Kings College Chapel

KingsCollege - Copy

(Photo by Chris Jefferies) .

10. Bristol  – This choice is explained in the Bath alternative posts.


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