Friday Fridge Magnet


A quirky item from the blog that (sort of) promised to be unusual. We have fifty to sixty of these cheap souvenirs and we thought it would be a quick and fun memory of the holidays or day trips we have made together. All reside on the fridge freezer, as they should. But we don’t normally use them for holding messages, they are like a little mini photo memory from places that make us smile at the thought provoked by the magnets.

The First in this series is from our holiday of 2004 to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon mentioned in the previous post.


The Grand Canyon depicted here, so far so good eh?  Well, we didn’t realise until we got home that we had no magnet from Las Vegas, Nevada or any of the National Parks in Nevada either.

We have got two Grand Canyon magnets, so that’s two from a World Heritage Site in our defence. Anyone wanna swap for a Vegas or Nevada one, preferably South of England? lol.


Why we got a magnet with ‘Phoenix’ on it when we never went near the place is an absolute mystery. The Grand Canyon photo magnet picture appears to be taken at sunset, which we missed out on. The colours look very striking, just a shame we were flying back to Vegas by this time. And as we were there in January, there was the lack of daylight to consider. Always brings a smile when we see it, such a wonderful place that we could not believe we had made it to.

The second is a cheap (that’s us, folks) green plastic tile. Our memory from this magnet is crossing the Hoover Dam from Nevada to Arizona by road. And change your watch from one time zone to another. Like I said before we are so easily pleased.

C - Lake Mead & Hoover Dam13

C - Lake Mead & Hoover Dam14

We did these on the way back, so we know they are in the ‘wrong’ order.

Oops, the ‘Friday Fridge Magnet’ has become the ‘Saturday Shouldn’t This Be On Friday Fridge Magnet’ post. (GMT that is) Sorry about that.

No tips or ‘Another Thing…’  on this theme. But that could change in the future, if we can get away with posting more guff and nonsense that you already know anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Mr & Mrs G


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