Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Week 3


It’s only taken two weeks for the ‘Friday Fridge Magnet’ series to be moved to midweek, and a name change to add to the confusion.  The main reason is to have an even gap between two posts in a week, rather than have two at the weekend’s and nothing for five days. We are going to count the ‘Midweek Magnet’ series as starting with the two weeks of ‘Friday Fridge Magnet’. So this will be week three

We are going to drop calling ourselves Mr and Mrs G and use our proper names. (Mark & Yvette Gillespie) We hope this will make the blog appear more informal and friendlier.

This week’s midweek magnet has been brought to you from the island of Tobago.The eight parishes of Trinidad are shown on a large map of the island. The little island of Tobago seems to of been put on as an afterthought. There is the added bonus at the bottom of the magnet of some large grained ‘sand’, rather ironic for beach avoiders like us. Although in fairness, we did go to a few beaches in Grenada.


This fridge magnet was acquired at Crown Point international Airport, Tobago (now known as A.N.R. Robinson International Airport)  As mentioned on this post –  we flew with XL airlines to Grenada.

http://XL Airways UK Limited G-XLAR

And on the return journey the plane made a transit stop in Tobago on the way back to the UK. This was the first time ever we had to do this. Fortunately, Mark was able to get off the plane quickly as we were near the front. When we got to the transit lounge there was a bar open. Mark went and had a look and found that the bar took allsorts of currency, including East Caribbean Dollars leftover from Grenada. He could afford to buy himself  a Carib beer and Pepsi for Yvette and have some left over. The purchase of a beer was for good news for Mark, as he counts a Country as being ‘done’ when he has sunk a beer in the place concerned.  So even though it was ‘only’ a transit lounge, Trinidad & Tobago counts as another country added to the list, especially as we have the hard evidence of visiting Tobago on our fridge.

http://Flag-map of Trinidad and Tobago

Now for the part of the story where Yvette gets a little bit tetchy at the memory of it. As Mark went to sit down at a table after purchasing the drinks, Yvette enquired if there was any money left over. Mark said ‘yes here’s some to go shopping with’. Yvette smiled as she went to the small counter selling knick-knacks. Little did she realise that the Ten East Caribbean Dollars she had were only worth £2 or so. She came back looking decidedly unimpressed at only being able to afford a plastic fridge magnet. And Mark’s enquiry ‘of did you enjoy your shopping? was met with an unrepeatable response. lol.

So our holiday to Grenada had enabled us to tick off Grenada, St Vincent & the Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago as Countries we have visited.


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