Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Week 4


This weekly item will now have it’s own exclusive posting day on Wednesdays.

Todays fridge magnet is from a day trip to the magnificent stately home, Blenheim Palace. We enjoyed our day trip in November 2012.


We visited the birthplace of Winston Churchill courtesy of the Tesco Clubcard vouchers to tokens scheme. Change £2.50 of vouchers for £10 of tokens for Blenheim, four times the original value is a great deal.  Blenheim Palace, Park & Gardens admission is currently £21.50, (March 2014) for two of us we just exchanged £10 of vouchers to get £40 of tokens for Blenheim Palace, then paid the extra £3 in cash at Blenheim. You must exchange vouchers for tokens with Blenheim Palace printed on them. Blenheim will not accept vouchers from Tesco, only tokens.

Tesco has a good selection of places to visit as part of their clubcard scheme.

Blenheim palace is easy to find from the M40, junction 9. Follow the brown signs. Other transport options are available.

The only stately home to be called a ‘Palace’ in England, Blenheim is a wonderfully over the top baroque masterpiece by Sir John Vanbrugh. No pictures allowed of the interior, sadly.

Click on any photo for a larger version, and then you can zoom in on any part of the shot you wish.

DSC01930 DSC01951 084 DSC01922 DSC01926

094 128 084

Add formal gardens and parkland designed by ‘Capability’ Brown and you have a day trip with scenic viewpoints at almost every turn virtually guaranteed.

Formal Gardens


DSC01954 DSC01930 DSC01938 096 095 094

Parkland, including a waterfall.  Another fist full of Tesco tokens and we will stroll around the parkland more extensively next time.





As can be seen from this photo, we left the lake until the last rays of sunshine from the setting sun. One of the disadvantages of day trips in winter is the relative lack of daylight. But a distinct lack of crowds nearly makes up for this.


If you have any time left over from Blenheim, then Woodstock market town is a pleasant place to end your day.

Thanks for reading,

Mark & Yvette


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