Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Week 7

Hi, SAM_2263   A cheesy magnet memory this week from one of the loveliest cities in Europe. Edinburgh is such a fantastic place to visit, even for sassanachs like us, that we have stayed in the Scottish capital twice. And we would love to come back and see if that disruptive tram line has been completed yet!  When the tram line is eventually operational, the airport will finally be just an easy ride away from the city center. Although the airport express bus service is more than adequate in the meantime.

You can’t miss Edinburgh castle, perched on a lofty ridge at the opposite (Western) end of ‘The Royal Mile’ to Holyrood Palace. We visited in October, when the weather was quite warm, surprisingly. Some of the photo’s show the Autumn colours and how ’empty’ the city was in comparison to the crowded Summer months. Click to enlarge any photo, and zoom in with another click.


The entrance gate. When we purchased our tickets the guy behind the counter asked about our Southern accents, it turned out he was from Ash near Aldershot, small world!  If you are considering visiting some of Historic Scotland’s properties whilst in the area, then it may be worth your while purchasing an annual membership to save some money

The ramparts give greats views over the city, and are the ear shattering venue for the ‘one o’clock gun’ firing. The parkland in the foreground is Princes Street Gardens, which we visited later in the day.


The Firth of Forth is easily seen from the Castle.


BANG!!! You always know when it’s one o’clock in Edinburgh, except Sundays.



A BIG cannon, Mons Meg made in the 15th Century.


The Scottish crown jewels are a must see, try and make this your first port of call as early as you can, as it can get very busy. We would recommend viewing the film ‘Stone of Destiny (2008) before you visit the castle and view the Stone of Scone. It adds a sense of familiarity with this historic rock.

Mark managed to steer Yvette away from the shopping temptations of Princes Street and had a gentle stroll in Princes Street Gardens instead. Whilst walking in the park there were two big mounds of freshly raked up leaves. Oh, the temptation to just run through both piles and kick them everywhere. Shame the park keeper was adjacent on his vehicle that looked like a tuk-tuk, or we would of been like little kids again.


We started at the Western end of the park at The Parish Church of St Cuthbert. Surrounded by trees in their Autumnal finery, it made for colourful sight in the unusual October sunshine. By following the map below there are two routes, one near to Princes Street itself, and a more central route that we followed that was closer to the Castle. St Cuthbert’s is bottom left of the Map.,-3.2007539,319m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x4887c7903a68bd9f:0x481fdaa775ca6cb0

First you happen upon a fountain. and some neck breaking views looking up at the castle.



Next was the (in our opinion) concrete monstrosity Ross open air Theatre.


Continue along and you will get a fine panoramic view of the castle from a distance. We moved up to the path near Princes Street to get this photo.


Just before the Floral clock there is a little cottage in the park, seems out of place to us.


This is from Virtual Tourist.

Then the end of the Western Park is marked by the floral clock



. http://Princes Street Gardens, floral clock Photo by Nilfanion on Wikimedia commons.

You now go past the Royal Scottish Academy to access the Eastern Gardens. This view is from the East side.


We are now showing a couple of pictures taken on our second visit during the August festival. The crowds, argh!




As can be seen in the next photo the route takes you back to Balmoral Hotel and North Bridge, from where a significant number of city centre busses pass through.

http://a title=”By Ad Meskens (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons” href=””>Princes Street Gardens 02

One of our favourite cities and we barely scratched the surface in this post. We usually don’t go back anywhere. Wanting to return to Edinburgh is a testimony to how fantastic the Scottish capital is to visit at anytime of year.

Thanks for reading,

Mark & Yvette


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