Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Week 8


We do try and alternate between UK and foreign fridge magnets every Wednesday, where possible. We have to put Scotland and Wales in the ‘foreign’ category because we have twice as many UK magnets as foreign. This is to try and eke out as many foreign fridge magnet posts as possible. So last week’s Edinburgh midweek magnet is foreign and this week will be another UK one. Confused? don’t worry, we are too and we write this guff and nonsense.

On with the post. One thing we will say is there is one person responsible for this ‘sheep’ fridge magnet. Purchased by Yvette, because it looks like ‘Shaun the sheep’ from the Wallace and Gromit films. Yeah right.


Yet another plastic fridge magnet, this time from the frozen wastes of ‘oop north. We have visited the Cumbrian County Town twice on our travels. The first visit was for a F.A. Cup third round tie against Arsenal in January 2001, which Arsenal won 1-0. Our only memory of the game is of Arsenal’s new winter Brazilian signing ‘Edu’ coming on as a sub in the second half, and running the game. He also looked like the answer to our free kick and corner taking prayers too. Shame he had to go off after twenty minutes with a hamstring problem, because it was so cold.

Picture by Carlisle programmes
http://Warwick Road End

If you look at the manager/coaches jacket, you will see at the top ‘Stobart’. The sponsors of Carlisle United FC are the HGV hauliers Eddie Stobart. Yvette has fond memories of this trip, especially the game we play on long car journeys. Mark try’s to spot Norbert Dentressangle HGV’s and Yvette spots Eddie Stobart’s. Fine, until we head North on the M6 and there’s loads of ‘Eddie’s’. And then the piece de resistance, (Yvette) ” Oh I forgot to mention the Eddie Stobart main distribution centre is in Carlisle”  A drubbing of at least 60 to mid teens later in and around Carlisle and she gave up counting. Hmph, Mark wouldn’t mind, but she joined the fan-club too.

To join the other saddohs… (only joking)

Mark would have his revenge on the M2 in Kent and Northern France another time……..

Photo from –  and I thought trainspotters were obsessive.

Norbert Dentressangle Renault

The second visit was courtesy of the famous ‘Settle to Carlisle’ railway. Mark and Yvette had gone on holiday with Yvette’s parents to the Yorkshire dales. For a day trip they had decided to go on the Settle to Carlisle Railway, which was not far from the rented cottage.

Ribblehead Viaduct by Michael Bryan

http://Ribblehead Viaduct in North Yorkshire

Ribblehead viaduct is better viewed from Ribblehead station, rather than on a moving train. Try and pick a dry day if you can, it makes such a difference to the landscape. Our preferred season would be Autumn, for the glorious colours. Such a shame it is probably the wettest season in the rainiest area of England.

At the end of the line is Cumbria’s only city, Carlisle.,_Cumbria

Try to make time to explore by a walking tour from the train station.

By Steven Duhig.

Carlisle Station

The photo above shows how close the Citadel (on the right behind the seats) is to the train station. Cross the road and turn left into English Street at the traffic lights, information on infrequent tours in the newly renovated West Tower in the website below.

Image by Kenneth Allen.

http://The Citadel, Carlisle - - 1537908

Follow English Street, and turn left into Victoria Viaduct, (when there is a pedestrianised road ahead) go past Blackfriars Street and next right into West Walls. Below is a good website about the walls of Carlisle.

Photo by Derek Harper.

http://West Walls, Carlisle - - 486305

The start of this road is unpromising from a scenic walk point of view, but stick with it, later on it is better. Follow until the end of the road and the 900 years old Carlisle Castle can be seen over the main road. Turn right parallel with the main road and walk to the underpass to access the castle.

EDIT – Access to the Castle is now by way of an underpass adjacent to the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, not a footbridge. So much for blogging a walk from memory.  We have also found a clear map with better descriptions than we could ever post.

Picture from George Evans.

http://Carlisle castle - - 1002217

After the castle go back over the footbridge and bear left into Abbey street. Walk along this street until you arrive at Paternoster Row, at this view.

http://a title=”Simon Huguet [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons” href=””>Abbey Gate, Carlisle Cathedral - - 808152

Proceed straight ahead under the arch, there you will enter the grounds of the Cathedral, known as the Cathedral Precinct.

http://Carlisle Cathedral in snow

Interior, specifically the nave.

http://Carlisle Cathedral barrel ceiling

Keep going in the direction you were going in before the Cathedral stop. At Castle Street turn right and after the Crown & Mitre Hotel you enter Market Cross, where you will also find the Tourist Information office.


Keeping the tourist office behind you, go down the broad pedestrianised road back to English Street, and along this Street back to Carlisle Citadel Station.

The journey rather than the destination is the key thing to remember here. The Settle to Carlisle line is one of the most scenic in England. A rather twee review can be seen below.

Sorry about rabbiting on, the midweek magnet posts are supposed to be short and to the point.

Thanks for reading,

Mark and Yvette


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