Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Dolphin Reef, Eilat


Sorry for the late posting of the Midweek Magnet – Week 9. Mark has been a bit busy of late.


A flat rubberised magnet this week. We especially like the way the dolphins look like they are breaking the surface of the sea, if the magnet is laid flat.

Dolphin Reef is to the South of Eilat on the coast road, route 90, just over half way between Eilat and the Israel – Egypt border. We took a taxi to the resort, and we agreed a fee before setting off for the resort. We recommend you do the same if travelling to Dolphin reef by taxi. There are tours from Eilat by coach, but we preferred the freedom to do our own thing. The staff called a taxi for us when we were ready to go.

http://a title=”צילום:ד”ר אבישי טייכר [CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons” href=””>PikiWiki Israel 8156 dolphin reef in eilat

A link to the virtual tourist reviews.

The dolphins are in the sea, rather than a self contained pool, but are kept within the confines of the Dolphin Reef. The areas they have are quite large and there were areas for families with little ones, adult males who were not with the youngsters as well as an area for “teenagers” as we all know how troublesome they can be if left to their own devices! The dolphins appear to enjoy themselves, but we do understand that some people feel these wonderful mammals should be free to roam the open sea. Dolphin Reef offers diving with dolphins for about £58.

Snorkeling with dolphins for around £50. Would of loved to do this, but Yvette can’t swim and Mark at that time had open wounds on his legs.

Or for £11 gain entry to the reef and just walk around the various pontoons and piers, which is what we did. There are feeding sessions where the dolphins perform a few tricks, very familiar to anyone who has been to an American Sea World Centre.


Our original plan was to stay in and around where the dolphins swam in the morning, have some lunch in the beach café and then go somewhere else in the afternoon. We enioyed the dolphins so much that we stayed virtually all day. Especially when a coach group left just after lunch and the afternoon was spent relaxing on the pontoons watching the dolphins swimming about nearby. A laidback time to watch more feeding antics, with fish the main item on the menu.


The things these dolphins do for fish! A commentary is provided whilst the staff feed the dolphins, quite entertaining it was too.


So you have seen the dolphins being fed, so your thoughts turn to your lunch, well ours did. The Beach bar and restaurant of the resort reflects the laidback atmosphere of Dolphin Reef perfectly. Looking for a gastronomic delight? Look elsewhere for that. But if you want good basic food with a scenic view and no formality, then this place is just right. Follow the dolphins example and try the fish, fresh and nicely cooked. And a nice cold beer really hits the spot in the heat of the afternoon too.

We loved this place (can you tell? lol) A comfortable excursion close to Eilat, that we used to relax after a long day trip the day before to Petra.

Thanks for reading

Mark & Yvette


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