Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Cyprus


Sorry about last week’s absence of the ‘Midweek Magnet’ series. A map of Cyprus, for a magnet with a difference this week. The main points of interest on the fridge magnet map are, the Archbishop’s Palace in Nicosia, Kyrenia Castle beside it to the right and the Kolossi castle near Limassol, beside the statue of Aphrodite.

Any reference to Greek or South Cyprus and Turkish or North Cyprus by us, does not support either side’s argument in Cyprus any way. We use the common use names for place’s to avoid confusion and does not imply any political support towards any country from us.


Mark has visited Cyprus and unfortunately, Yvette has not. Mark used Limassol as a base, not much to see in the town itself, apart from nearby Curium and the Kolossi castle. Lots of expats in the town and a few military bases nearby, but a good bus service departs fairly regularly from Limassol to get around the island, if escaping from your fellow Brits is what you want. Mark went to Cyprus in May and found the temperature in Nicosia a bit too hot, and in July and August the thermometer regularly rises above 100F in the interior of the Island.

The bus company also provides a tour to Curium and Paphos. Or a tour to Curium, Omodos, Kolossi Castle and Limassol ‘Old Town’, both tours are from Limassol.

Kourion (aka Curium)

The Kourion historical site has an ancient theatre and some mosaics as part of the Complex of Eustolios.


The image below Mark presumes was taken from Curium. He does not know for sure, sorry.


 Photo below by – Plamen Matanski,Flikr

http://Panorama View of the antique town of Kourion (Curium)

At Curium there are some interesting mosaics in the ruined complex, such as these.



On the road from Curium to Limassol is the Kolossi Castle.!ut/p/c5/lc5BDoIwEAXQs3CCTscC7RIIlRZRIqjIxrAwpImAC-P5rYkLQI1xZvnmTz6pid2-uZu2uZmhby6kIrV3imUQFIohQCZ9QJHsXaFCZAW1fhz5ksrIeipcREqB-_-lYQGAMUYJS7aQFvgjfXi2HV1s8kgC7lZMilIDV3TmkIVo_-ehYHEJwmMz_9B-6u_9Js6p5tZTV2tkSPnL4csEQNbJ0J3JtdtVYJTJW8d5AAItQz4!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfRUZBQVNJNDIwOEZWRTAyVTNRUVJUMjEwSjQ!/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/English__en/CTO+B2C/Tourist+Information/Culture/Sites_and_Monuments/Kolossi_Medieval_Castle

http://Cyprus - Kolossi castle 32

The island capital Nicosia was next on the list to visit. Mark has only a hazy memory of visiting Nicosia, not helped by the fact that the only decent image Mark has of the capital is of the Archbishop’s Palace. Tripadvisor suggests that there are 53 attractions to visit in Nicosia, Mark will just have to take their word for that fact.


The Archbishop statue is of Archbishop Makarios.

When Mark was in Nicosia, it was forbidden to visit North Cyprus by foreigners. Now there are a few crossing points in Nicosia, the most popular being Ledra Street.

Image courtesy of Matthias Kabel

Nicosia Ledra street border

If Nicosia gets too hot, (it will in Summer) there is relief in the form of the Troodos Mountains. These mountains are around 20-30F cooler than the coastal resorts, and can be difficult to get to by bus. Hiring a car may be your best option.

From Wikimedia Commons user Paul167

http://Troodos mountains


There is also the Kykkos monastery to visit with it’s golden icons.

Image from Oceco

http://Kykkos-Monastery-Entrance Troodos-Mountains

Photo by Dickelbers

http://Kykkos monastry inside

We know we have only scratched the surface of what Cyprus has to offer. Mark has tried his best with just five photo’s and a hazy memory. As with any destination, you never know how good it is until the opportunity is taken to visit yourself. Cyprus is a place that deserves to be high up on any list of Mediterranean resorts vying for your custom. A wealth of history, welcoming people and virtually guaranteed hot sunshine in Summer, if that’s your thing. We would go in Spring or Autumn, for more bearable temperatures.

Thanks for reading.

Mark & Yvette


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