Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Dubrovnik – Walls, Walks And Water



A real treat this week, as we visit the lovely Croatian city of Dubrovnik, via the medium of a pottery 3d fridge magnet. The fridge magnet depicts ‘The Stradun’, probably the most popular street in Dubrovnik.  It’s very hard to find evidence of the bombardment of Dubrovnik, as a result of the siege of 1991 during the Balkan War. Such has been the success of the restoration of the city. We stayed in the resort of Lapad at the Hotel Sumratin, which is marketed as ‘Dubrovnik’, but is a bus ride away from the old city. Lapad will be covered in a future post with other places we visited from Dubrovnik, such as Mostar and Montenegro. Mostar is another marvellous restoration project after extensive shelling. Surprisingly there is no visible resentment of the war from either side, just a need to put the past behind them and move on.

SAM_2489Let’s see how the magnet compares to the real life image captured below.


Not a bad likeness, that’s why we bought it to remind us of our great time in this wonderful walled city. We think putting the Church of Saint Blaise on the right on the magnet is a bit of a mickey take, its set back from The Stradun main street, so the proportions are all wrong. Still like the magnet though.

While we were by the church there was a local performance of flag twirling, dancing and some dangerous swordplay. We did not have a clue what was going on, but it was popular with tourists and locals alike.

bDubrovnik9 bDubrovnik10 bDubrovnik12

A walk around the walls is tiring as you seem to be going uphill a lot, but the views are worth the effort. The walls make for a scenic walk

bDubrovnik22 bDubrovnik30 bDubrovnik27 bDubrovnik25 bDubrovnik24 bDubrovnik23

In the next picture there is a glimpse of Dubrovnik harbour, this is a quieter area if you get fed up with the tourist day trippers. Especially when the cruise ships are in port, spewing out their passengers in their thousands.


The harbour in more detail, excursion boats leave from here to the little island of Lokrum. Another escape from the tourists and yet only 15 minutes ride across the sea.




There are usually no tips on the midweek magnet, but this week we present one for you. Go to Dubrovnik in June for the longer daylight hours and then stay in the city after the daytrippers have gone back to their hotels or cruise ships in the late afternoon. The ambiance is completely different to daytime, having a more relaxing vibe. (man, lol) We only took our own advice on one day, and we wandered around the city for quite a while. Fortunately there is an ice-cream shop near to the Pile Gate and the Onophrian Fountain to have a rest and relax. The Pile gate is where busses pick up and drop off from Dubrovnik and it’s environs.

bDubrovnik2 bDubrovnik32Lokrum is a small island that is easily reached from Dubrovnik by ferry boat or an excursion. It is very close to Dubrovnik as can be seen below.

c1Lokrum Island8

There is an entry fee to visit Lokrum, well worth it for the peace and quiet as you walk round and admire the views of Dubrovnik.

cLokrum Island4

cLokrum Island3

A surprise awaits at the one end of the island.

cLokrum Island6

In conclusion Dubrovnik is a must see city. And there is the opportunity to visit Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a bonus for the country collectors among us. The only problem is that Dubrovnik is not an undiscovered joy, you will have to share the city with many others. If you can tolerate the crowds, then your patience will be amply rewarded by this fine walled city.

The second part of this trilogy based in Dubrovnik will be; ‘Montenegro’s Kotor Bay – A Coach trip From Dubrovnik’

Thanks for reading.

Mark & Yvette


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