Mark’s Midweek Magnet – Mostar’s Rebuilt Bridge



An oval picture magnet from the former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The famous UNESCO registered bridge, known locally as ‘Stari Most’ is it’s centrepiece.

The map below shows the area between Dubrovnik and Mostar we travelled through by coach.,17.6833619,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x134b724adab07a8d:0xd25439229306d0f6

Our coach took us north along the Adriatic coast, littered with islands that are popular destinations for Croats escaping city life for a while. Sorry for the blurry images again, my camera, a moving coach and picture clarity don’t mix.


We took this photo after the coach turned inland, no clue where, we just liked the view.


A guide to the day trip from ‘Dubrovnik day Tours’, other tour operators are available.

After an hour and a half, we were crossing the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina at Metkovic. In a short while we arrived at the small, but beautifully formed city of Pocitelj on the Neretva river.


Image below from Wikimedia user Pudelek (Marcin Szala)


After leaving Pocitelj, we arrived in Mostar around a half hour later. We were first taken to a Turkish house which was just ok.


The area around the bridge is full of pushy restaurant owners and tourist shops, as you would expect.


The restaurants all crowd around the river gorge and the view of the bridge, of course.


Everybody is trying to escape the crowds of people to get a unique shot, unfortunately the amount of tourists and lack of a variety of locations makes this an impossible dream.


A little closer, that’s it. Sometimes kids dive from the bridge for a few coins.


Even though the bridge has been restored, partly with recovered stone from the riverbed, it still looks like a new bridge to us. The stone used is very shiny, so watch your step. On the bridge is disappointing and a bit plain, if we are brutally honest.


The minarets are so popular, even the railing uprights are shaped like them.



Eventually we found a restaurant where the owner was not too pushy. Kebabs, beer and a nice view, such a great combination, ignore Mark and his weird country confirmation beer drink.


f-Mostar13 f-Mostar14 f-Mostar15

There are a quite a few buildings that have been (we think) deliberately left unrestored from the war. One can only imagine the terror of the former inhabitants inside the now bullet hole ridden ruined building when it was being attacked. There are signs on most of the ruined buildings, warning people to keep out. Why anyone should need a sign like that to stay safe is beyond us.

Mostar building

I would change the sign to – ‘Enter here, and you deserve to die for your incredible stupidity.’3429622-Dont_enter_any_empty_neglected_buildings-Mostar

After a post lunch wander, it was time to return to Dubrovnik. We took some photo’s of the islands and the coastline again. The wobbly camera shots from the coach are back, to make you laugh at their amateurishness. (real word, honest)




And so finally back to Dubrovnik, well near Lapad anyway.


How do we know this? We had seen this bridge from a walk we took around the Lapad peninsula, on the first day of the holiday.

aLapad walk6

Thanks for reading.



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