Lapad Peninsula – The Quieter And Cheaper Alternative to Dubrovnik


We wonder if this post should be the first, rather than the last in the Dubrovnik series, showing information about our hotel area. The Lapad area is where we stayed for a week to visit Dubrovnik and also a base for a couple of day trips to Mostar and Kotor Bay, already mentioned in previous posts. Our hotel was the Sumratin, a 2 star and it showed.The included dinner had a side salad which was drowned in a vinaigrette dressing that was just vinegar. The side salad was produced twice, until the waiters twigged we were not going to eat it and gave up serving it. The food was nothing special but edible, apart from the side salad, we expected little else from a 2 star hotel. The rooms were small and the décor very dated, from the balcony was an ok view looking inland.

eHotel Sumratin & Lapad eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  1

This was the cheapest hotel and flight package holiday we could find in the Dubrovnik area, as we were sightseeing so much, the hotel was not really a priority for us. What it did have was a superb location, just a few minutes from the pebbly/stony beach. The hotel was also adjacent to the main bar pedestrian walk down to the beach, access from the rear entrance. Along the bar walk were swinging seats, like you can buy for your garden. There were quite a few people strolling up and down this bar street, looking for a livelier ‘scene’ and fed up at not finding it. For us it was an ideal place for an evening stroll and a few relaxing drinks swinging on the seats like kids.eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  6

Some images from google street view of the bar walk and coastal walk too. Starting from the Sumratin Hotel rear entrance, turn left and follow the pedestrian path. Just click left button and move left or right, to get a 360 degrees panoramic view.,18.073486,3a,75y,88.41h,72.01t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sAUAfIz0-wsAjLRI_C5iNfw!2e0!3e5,18.072641,3a,75y,86.92h,68.13t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1s3ZpbHIbhJwp0E7qztMBOvA!2e0!3e5

Hotel Kompas.

Walk through the café and continue on the coastal walk.,18.069312,3a,75y,292.79h,71.37t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sUmaeL-sTXU0bwBtzBh16iA!2e0!3e5

Last link, if you want to you can view all the way to the place where there is a view across the bay to the bridge.,18.068462,3a,75y,109.02h,67.74t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1shvpyuZXNhrDAOicYkGdKbg!2e0!3e5

At the end of the bar street was the Hotel Kompas, where we could listen to some ‘middle of the road’ musical entertainment for the price of a few drinks. A nice place to wind down the evening with a Lasko beer or two, a Croatian beer? Er,  Slovenian, actually.eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  10

Once past the Hotel Kompas is the stony beach. Some bathers complained about the lack of sand, do these people do any research about their holiday? The usual bars and restaurants overlook the seafront, the quality and price were surprisingly good. Some of the photo’s below are from the paved walk around Lapad Bay. The first photo is an aerial view of Lapad, the beach and the start of the peninsula walk is at the bottom of the image. One day we went one side of the bay, the next day we tried the other side of the bay. We picked Lapad as a destination, as it has a few scenic walks and a close proximity to Dubrovnik, with excellent public transport links.

Image from Wikimedia Commons user – Chris93

http://Aerial view West Dubrovnik Lapad

eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  8

Form the image above, to the right of the bay is a really good walk along the seafront around the Lapad Peninsula. Some parts of this walk are uphill , but for the most part it is flat and has a hard paved surface. It is a very popular walk and has people strolling along it at most times of the day.


eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  9

Some images of our stroll around the Lapad Peninsula Walk. It was a good way to stretch the legs after being cooped up in a plane.


aLapad walk2

aLapad walk3

aLapad walk4

aLapad walk5

aLapad walk6

aLapad walk7

The vessel in the above photo (Royal Clipper) is the largest full-rigged sailing ship in the World. This ship and a couple of smaller sister ships, are available for holidays in the Mediterranean and Worldwide.

The next few images are from our walk to the West of the Bay. We took it easy for a change, before our flight home the next day.

eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  2

eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  3 eHotel Sumratin & Lapad  4

Lapad has excellent bus links to Dubrovnik Old Town, the terminus is usually the Pile Gate entrance. The map below shows all bus routes in the Dubrovnik/Lapad area and also the location of the main Hotels in Lapad. (including the Sumratin, for some reason)


This image is from the ‘Absolute Croatia’ website, which we heartily recommend for it’s comprehensive guide to Dubrovnik and the rest of Croatia.


We love historic cities like Dubrovnik, but, we do avoid staying in a popular city if we can. Why pay the same price for a 2 or 3 night stay in the city, when for the same price, a week in a beach resort with lower prices than, for example Dubrovnik is on offer? This principle can be applied to most cities that are close to the sea, and far enough south to have a popular beach resort or a whole coastline of them, Barcelona and the Costa Brava for example. Although we understand the argument of walking out of a hotel door in a city and sightseeing immediately, we prefer paying a few pounds for public transport and having a quieter holiday out of a city. The country where this concept does not really work is Italy. Most of the resorts marketed in the UK are on the East coast. Rome, Florence and Pisa either have no package resorts near them or are too far inland. The Sorrento coast could be used for Rome, but the distances involved would be more suitable for a very long and tiring excursion by coach. Not recommended, but this area has Pompeii, Vesuvius and the Amalfi coastline to make up for the capital city.

In relation to the tip above try and get a relative price comparison between countries to have an idea of how expensive they may be while staying there. Like this one;

We used to work on the theory that former USSR controlled countries were a lot cheaper than the western resorts. With these countries now joining the Eurozone, this is no longer the case, unfortunately. Other factors are at play, like the worldwide recession which has had a profound effect on UK favourites like Spain and Greece and their cost of living index. In these turbulent financial times, take advantage of the misfortune of a country where living standards are plunging, and have yourselves cheaper food, drink and excursions, etc. Feeling guilty? Don’t, these countries are desperate for extra tax revenues. Your holiday and others, will hopefully help these struggling countries economy to recover.

Sorry no rant or memories this week. This blog is a bit of a rush job, so apologies if it is not up to the normal mediocre standard.

Thanks for reading.





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