Driving to the Lake District – Another Disabled Friendly Walking Pit-stop


Part two of the Lake District prequel and our caravan site check in time is still an hour away. Instead of wasting time waiting on the caravan site near Cartmel, we take a detour to Scout Scar to the west of Kendal, for some wonderful views and another stretch of our legs. We got the idea from the website below, which lists disabled friendly walking routes all over the Lake District.



As the website describes, there is a fairly steep ascent to Scout Scar from the car park, but the views are pretty good up to the seating.




We were going to the ‘mushroom’ viewpoint, but a minibus full of teenagers arrived just behind us and they ran to get to the ‘mushroom’ before us. We thought stuff it and walked along the hill ridge to get nearer to the view over Morecombe Bay before them. We took photo’s as we walked, obviously.





Do you like Yvette’s Julie Andrews impersonation? The hills are alive………..



Mark went off to explore to the east of the ‘mushroom’, whilst Yvette took a slow walk up to it. Back along the way we had walked. Mark had a good workout scrambling across the scree.

SAM_2680 SAM_2683 SAM_2687The teenagers just stayed at the ‘mushroom’ (good!) so we waited for them to leave to have the view point to ourselves. Ha!  The inside of the roof has a 360 degree map etched into the metal. Some of it has faded a lot, but it does give a good idea of what to look for in clear weather. Could not see Blackpool Tower, but could see Heysham Power Station and Morecombe Bay in the distance.

SAM_2688 SAM_2690 SAM_2698 SAM_2699

We spent so long at Scout Scar, we got to our Haven Lakeland caravan around six o’clock. Good job reception did not close until 7. We had prepared for a quick tea and had taken a tin of hot dogs and let the rolls defrost during the day driving up. The day was not over yet, as we spotted a ‘public footpath’ sign near to the sea by the caravan entrance. This is the beauty of a holiday in June, we can have a stroll for an hour or so at 7 o’clock and the sun is still illuminating the scenery nicely. The sea is roughly five miles away, so not that near then.

SAM_2701 SAM_2703 SAM_2705

So a long distance driving day that the time went quickly, due to our journey breaks in very nice countryside. Could not wait to explore the Southern Lake District over the next few days.

Thanks for reading.



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