Freedom of the Lakes Boat Pass – Boats Two and Three


Continuing on our ‘Freedom of the Lakes’ day out, we joined the queue for the ‘Swan’. This boat was sailing to Ambleside (Waterhead Pier), where we would pick up a connecting launch to Wray Castle. From Lakeside to Wray Castle on three boats took 1 hour 50 minutes, including two connections where we waited a total of 25 minutes. If you want to explore Bowness on Windermere before you board, a website link below, it is the most popular town in the Lake District though.


We embarked on a gentle 35 minute journey, amid the lovely scenery of the northern part of Windermere.

SAM_2736 SAM_2737

SAM_2746 Arriving at Ambleside.


The vessel that took us to Wray Castle was a small one, but as it was still early in the day was not crowded.


Wray Castle is a short well signposted walk from the pier. This is a National Trust maintained property.

SAM_2767 SAM_2772

We did not enter, as we wanted to walk on another ‘miles without stiles’ recommended walk along the west shore of Windermere. We combined routes 6 & 7 from Wray Castle to Ferry House, which is the reverse of the stated route. From Wray Castle, follow the recommended route and not the lakeside path. The lakeside path is undulating and very uneven, we found it very hard going. Only the Lake views kept us plodding along. Most cyclists are generally ok as they whizz along, some expect you to hear them from behind and move out of the way accordingly. Try using the bell and we might hear you.

We found lots of little private beaches with a scenic view.



There a lot of viewpoints across Windermere on both walks.


It is so much easier on the feet when walking on the tarmac, still don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes though.


The next photo shows the pier at Ferry House in the distance. This is where to catch the ferry back to Bowness.


The walk is described as easy on the ‘miles without stiles’ website, we disagree as we found it hard going. But that is our own fault, joining two easy walks together and still expecting that walk to be easy was a bit optimistic.

Our story continues in the next post, when we take an ‘Islands Cruise’ from Bowness.

Thanks for reading.

Mark & Yvette


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