Windermere Islands Cruise – Boats Numbers Four And Five


In the image below you can see the Ferry House to Ferry Nab near Bowness ferry behind the ‘Teal’ boat.  We were very impatient when we completed our West bank walks in the previous post, we paid fifty pence each for the ferry, rather than wait for the free connection to Bowness. We did not realise that a mile walk would be required to get back to Bowness pier, which is where the free connection would of gone to.SAM_2828After returning to Bowness pier again, we joined the ‘Islands cruise’ launch, which leaves every thirty minutes from 10.45 – 16.45. This is a forty-five minute cruise, with a commentary giving information on the eighteen islands that give Windermere a unique character. Although all the lakes have a unique flavour of their own, which is part of their charm and popularity.

Departing Bowness. On the right is a sister launch of the one we are cruising on. Not a big vessel, but then they don’t have to be, the Islands cruise is not as popular/crowded as the other routes.



The only downside of using the all day pass is the repetition of the commentary on all of the boats. You will be able to recite the facts and figures off by heart after a few trips. Just enjoy the scenery and relax on this circular cruise, you will appreciate the small number of people when you get back on the crowded steamers on the main routes.

More views and photo’s of the mountains to the North of Windermere.

SAM_2819 SAM_2820


SAM_2826Using launches rather than the bigger steamers on this cruise means that you are able to sail around the little islands near the west shore, where the bigger boats are unable to sail due to the shallow waters. A convenient anchorage for the many pleasure craft that are sailed on Windermere.

SAM_2829 SAM_2830 SAM_2831 SAM_2832 SAM_2834

And then another return to Bowness, for what turned out to be our sixth and last boat trip of the day back to Lakeside.

To be continued……

Thanks for reading.





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