Windermere Boat Pass – The Sixth And Last Boat


Returning to Bowness from our ‘Islands Cruise’, you can appreciate why this town receives the most tourists of anywhere in the Lake District. The number of people in this small town can be overwhelming.

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If the bustle of Bowness is too much, then take a walk up Brant Fell nearby.

Image – David Brown [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Brant Fell - - 1418988

We did not have the energy to walk up Brant Fell after our walk along Windermere’s west bank. This was supposed to be an easy day after driving up the previous day (yeah right) We boarded the ‘Tern’ near the front of the queue, what we did not realise was that queue was very long indeed. The steamer was crowded and half of the passengers were Japanese. There seemed to be a few competitions ongoing, unique to the Japanese group. One –  who could have the biggest lens on their digital SLR? Two – which camera was the most expensive and who could show it off the most, as it was sooooo expensive and needed showing off? Three – how many photographs can you take of Windermere in less than an hour, and how boring does the shot have to be before you put your camera down? We on the other hand, had taken our photo’s on the first (empty) boat in the moning. So neither of us felt the need to jostle with our fellow passengers on-board for a few shots more. And there was no way we were going to fight our way to the café below deck, so much for having a nice drink now. Bah!

Our Oriental camera toting ‘friends’ had gone off to ‘The Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway’.  This attraction can be combined with a ‘Freedom of the Lakes’ pass.

We took a few shots of the now considerably emptier steamer just be before disembarking at Lakeside Pier

SAM_2837 SAM_2838 SAM_2839 SAM_2840

Our original plan was to get the most from the pass and sail to Bowness and back again. But we had had our fill of Windermere’s views and more than enough images of them on our camera. So we decided to go back to our caravan and have a cup of tea. We forgot we had seen the ‘Tern’ earlier when taking our first steamer from Lakeside, it looks so small here.


The ‘Freedom of the Lakes pass’ is great value if you can use it early and often. The combined tickets with other tourist attractions are good value too, but obviously will result in less time sailing on Windermere. Whatever floats your boat, (sorry) will determine which option you pick.

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