The Longest Day – Lakes and Mountains Viewpoints – Part 1


The title is a reference to the thirteen hours or so of sightseeing we did on the middle day of the holiday. We travelled to Lakeside again on minor roads from our caravan, then picked up the A592 and followed the east shore of Windermere. This road took us through Bowness and Windermere towns, already fairly crowded, even in the morning. We then drove further North on the A592 towards the Kirkstone Pass, the views were very good before we got to the pass itself. There are excellent and numerous examples of the dry stone walling which can be found all over the Lake District.

A map of Kirkstone Pass, Rydal Water and Grasmere.,-2.9888059,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xd1bcc70c75803322

SAM_2848 SAM_2850 SAM_2855 SAM_2867

At the Kirkstone Pass is the Kirkstone Pass Inn and a car park to take in the views.

This road winds its way down to Ambleside, another town we avoided like the plague. Why bother with towns with scenery like this?

SAM_2871 SAM_2877 SAM_2880 SAM_2883 SAM_2886

When we reached Ambleside we took the A591 towards Grasmere. This route goes past Rydal Water, at the western end of which there is a car park from where a walk to Grasmere can be taken along the River Rothay. This website shows the location of the west car park, from where we walked to Grasmere.

We just followed the river to Grasmere, this path is very uneven and undulating. there is another path on the other side of the river that appeared to be a bit smoother. We did not use this route so may not be correct.

SAM_2894 SAM_2900 SAM_2902 SAM_2905

And then we saw the river open out after a weir to become Grasmere.

SAM_2906 SAM_2907 SAM_2911

Give me food now. Ha ha.  A nice setting for lunch.


After lunch and a rest Yvette agreed to go on what Mark called the ‘middle route’ back to Rydal Water, the lower route we had used to get to Grasmere. And we could (just about) see people walking just below the summit of the hills above us on the ‘upper route’, even Mark said no to walking that route. Mark thought she would not be able walk up hills for a sustained distance and time, but these days she is a lot fitter than she was before bariatric surgery. Well done Yvette. Superb effort.







Can you spot Yvette in the image below? The lengths (literally!) a woman will go to get away from her grumpy OH. Ha ha.


We did want to walk around Rydal Water, but were thwarted by a JCB blocking the pathway doing repairs. After a couple more photo’s we just went back to the car and planned our next sightseeing extravaganza at Loughrigg Tarn.





Part two coming up……….

Thanks for reading.



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