The Longest Day – Lakes and Mountains Viewpoints Part 2


From Rydal water we made a brief diversion to the Heaton-Cooper studio in Grasmere town, to purchase a couple of prints from one of our favourite artists.

We travelled from Grasmere to Loughrigg Tarn via a minor road, which is shown on a map in the website below. It is another ‘Miles Without Stiles’ easy route, a nice paved path and walk back along a tarmac road. Car park is a bit misleading, a few spaces beside the road is more accurate.

An easy way to enjoy the views of the Langdale Pikes. The even path in the first image is like this all the way to the road to return to the car.

SAM_2949 SAM_2950 SAM_2952 SAM_2958

The path we took is just visible to the left (below), where the single little tree is.


We are now on the tarmac road, still taking photo’s leaning against fences and walls.

SAM_2972 SAM_2973 SAM_2979

From Loughrigg tarn we got onto the B5343 which leads to Great Langdale to the West. This circular drive can be started at Skelwith Bridge. We preferred to drive anti-clockwise finishing just past Little Langdale, stopping to take photo’s along the way. Near the end of the drive we finally saw a police notice to NOT stop in the laybys, too late, sorry.













We got the information for the ‘Langdale Loop Drive’ from one of eight or nine lake district guide books borrowed from our local library in Haslemere. Cannot remember which publication held the information, sorry.

We also were recommended by one or two guide books to try a cream tea at ‘Chesters by the river’ at Skelwith Bridge. This is very popular place to sit out and enjoy their delicious homemade scones. We thoroughly enjoyed our cream tea, and got very hot in the sun, in the UK!

From ‘Chesters’ we headed South on the A593 to Tarn Hows, another ‘Miles Without Stiles’ walk. Just before Tarn Hows is a view looking over it from a small disabled car park.



Yvette stayed in the car after a very tiring day and feeling the effects of the cream tea, so Mark went on his own around the lake. The walk was supposed to take an hour, but Mark blasted round in thirty minutes so Yvette would not have to wait too long in the car (ah, isn’t that sweet? It will never last, ha ha) Still, he managed somehow to take thirty photo’s, at an image a minute. A selection below.

SAM_3051 SAM_3052 SAM_3053 SAM_3058 SAM_3060 SAM_3061 SAM_3065 SAM_3070 SAM_3071 SAM_3074

That was the sightseeing for today finally done, Yvette did really well doing as much as she did a longest day indeed!

Thanks for reading.



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