Nine UK Alternatives to Nine Europe or World ‘must-sees’ – Part 1


This post is an addition to a Skyscanner article I received as part of their excellent weekly newsletter. The article, as explained in the title has ‘9 European alternatives to the World’s travel must-sees’. In the opening paragraph is ‘ just remember that there might be an equally bucket list worthy alternative right on your doorstep’, I agree. I am expanding this concept to include the UK’s travel must-sees. This post should be regarded as a complimentary addition and not a rival, in a perfect world I would visit all of the recommended sights. I think we have covered every sight, apart from number four the glacier. I have had to stretch the travel must-see parameters somewhat to include something remotely connected to a glacier, mainly because the UK has not got one.

The original Skyscanner article written by and with very kind permission of Kirsten McCroskrie,  is below in the link.  I highly recommend you sign up for the weekly e-mail newsletter, it’s full of good ideas.

I will offer our choices one by one, apart from numbers 7 & 8 which will be shown together. Hopefully this will fill an eight part series.

1. Mexico’s beaches vs. Greece’s beaches

Many people dream of visiting one of Mexico’s beaches, to drink Mojitos and soak up the sun, but if you’re not able to make the 10 hour flight then a great alternative has to be Greece – one of the best countries for a full-proof beach holiday. Some of the most spectacular have to be in Zante, their white sands and clear waters make them a popular sun-bathing spot.


Mexico beach

Many wish to visit Mexico’s idyllic playas.

Greek beach

Zante’s beaches are equally stunning don’t you think?


Obviously the UK is not going to have guaranteed sunshine, but if the sun does shine these two beaches are very good.

1. Shell Beach – Studland, Dorset

Managed by the National Trust, this beach is near to the Sandbanks ferry. Therefore the road can get clogged with traffic, our advice as usual, get here early.


A Northern alternative.

St. Aiden Beach, Bamburgh, Northumberland.  An added bonus of a magnificent castle on this beach.


To be honest beaches is not my strongest subject, I sometimes visit them if I am at a loose end and fancy a rest. The following website has lots of suggestions.

Thanks for reading

Mark Gillespie


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