Winkworth Arboretum – May Bank Holiday Bluebells


Any time off this week? Do you love bluebells in abundance? Then get yourself to The National Trust’s Winkworth Arboretum near Godalming asap. Monday to Saturday the 42 bus runs near to it from either Godalming or Guildford. Don’t walk from Godalming, Its uphill for 45 minutes and 30 minutes of that is dodging cars, as there is no pavement. I have never seen so may bluebells in one place. Its no secret and the advice is get there early and go straight to bluebell wood, marked on a map provided. Not me for some reason.
I will let the following images take centre stage.







If you are not a member of National Trust the cost for adults is £7.50 with gift aid, £6.80 without. I would get the membership, as it is invaluble at the more popular properties as sometimes you get ‘fast tracked’ and gain entry a lot quicker than cash payers.

More info on the website, including a bluebell watch page;

There are numerous places to sit and have lunch within the Arboretum, and a cafe by the entrance for tea, coffee and other beverages. Bring a picnic if the weather is fine, plenty of space for some solitude, if that is your thing.

The 42 Bus is run by Stagecoach South;

This map shows all bus routes in Surrey, just zoom in SE of Godalming to see where this bus goes to:

And another thing…….

I am fed up with cars trying to run me over on roads that have no pavement. I blame idiots like Jeremy Clarkson, who encourage aggressive driving coupled with an almost pathological hatred of anyone not in a car. Are you late? Try leaving a bit earlier, then you are not behaving like a maniac trying to catch up time for that oh so important meeting/shopping/whatever. I know there are idiotic walkers, cyclists and others, they can be a pain. All roadusers should show a bit more understanding to other roadusers. Being selfish and ignorant is a sign of the times, methinks.

The tip for this blog post….

Get your ticket or money out BEFORE you get to the head of the queue. Then you don’t waste time fumbling for change in your wallet or purse. Common sense really.

I will try and upload some more photo’s and also not leave it so long between posts. But I have said that before have’nt I? Broken promises, mm, I could be a politician if I could get the insincere smile right.

Thanks for reading,


Here are the extra images as promised. Maybe I am too honest to be a politician after all.









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