About Mark

Mark has lived in Surrey for his whole life, save for a few teenage months spent wasting money in Portsmouth’s Clarence pier arcades.

I love traveling to different countries and also holidays in the UK. I am not one to lie on a beach or to go shopping, I prefer to use a cheap beach holiday as a base for sightseeing. In the UK I also regularly take day trips to the countryside or to stately homes run by the National Trust. I sometimes stroll around an architecturally interesting city or town, but prefer walks in the countryside. Click any photo for a larger image.

This blog is rather handicapped by the fact I have ‘lost’ a lot of our photo’s over the years. I have moved around lot in the last decade or so, and every time I seemed to lose some more precious photographs. I do make use of Wikimedia Commons a lot, but where possible, try to use my own material if available. There are some images of mine on the internet that are apparently lost forever too. Forgetting the username and password is one thing, not remembering which hosting websites you posted photographs on is quite another.

Below is a selection of photos of my local area. This is from my favourite local walk I know as the ‘Three Counties’, in under an hour I can walk from Surrey through Hampshire, West Sussex and back home again.

This track is just around the corner from where I live. It is used a lot by dog walkers and cyclists.


This leads to the River Wey which is the border between Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.


If you click to zoom in on the photo above you will see the road in the distance, where the dual Hampshire and West Sussex border signs are. (The Surrey sign is a little way up the road to the right.)

The Hampshire signs could do with a good clean.




In this area I like the fact the bins are provided by ‘Chichester City Council’. Eh? I am a lot closer to Haslemere than Chichester. So technically, I can say I can walk to Chichester from home in around twenty minutes. That will confuse people who know where one lives.


I just follow the road to the duck ponds at Shottermill. From where a National Trust walk begins.



These ponds are where geese await to ‘attack’ unsuspecting strollers for any spare bread or scraps of food.


Just down the road from the pub is yet another county sign.


The road turning left over Mark’s right shoulder leads back to our abode in Shottermill. But the duck ponds in West Sussex are supposedly in Shottermill too, confused? Yes I am.


Back to the civilised county of Surrey once again. Only kidding ,ok?


Mark took a friends dog called Emma for walkies off the tarmac one day, along by the River Wey.



He also found a rather dilapidated boardwalk across the bridge that needs some tlc.


Emma just wished that Mark was not so slow these days….


Checkout Mark’s Facebook page for more photo’s. There are some non digital photo’s that I have scanned in to the computer. (e.g. Mayrhofen) As a result the results are of poor quality, sorry.
As you will see from the Facebook photos Mark has lost a lot of weight in the last few years. Mark is putting it back on, unfortunately. :@(

Thanks for reading,

Mark Gillespie


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